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Let’s delve into the diverse set of industries to which we deliver product decoration solutions. We cover up the whole spectrum of product decoration requirements starting from Food industry to Airline and Logistics. The high quality labels accomplishes to the requirements of every category of industry.

Food & Beverage

By means of the enormous array of printing technologies available at Fortune Pack, we are able to be fully responsive to the diverse packaging requirements of the food and beverage industry.

An eye-catching label will sharpen the consumer’s appetite at the same time as the label itself may have to endure extremes of temperature (e.g. frozen foods). Strict compliance with international hygiene standards is also a must, and Fortune Pack’s philosophy of using only the highest quality, ISO accredited suppliers of materials and inks ensures such compliance.


By way of the absolute nature of the dairy industry, steadiness in quality and dependability of service are vitally important to ensure that the relatively short shelf-life of the products is maximized.

Both the materials and inks have to be rough enough to resist cold, wet refrigerated conditions and yet still be attractive to catch the consumer’s eye. Specially formulated self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and OPP wrap-around labels are the favored labeling techniques of dairies throughout the Middle East and Fortune Pack has the technology and resources offered to bring first-class product within the normally tight deadline.

Vegetable Oil

This great capacity industry necessitates prime quality labels, frequently at very short notification. With up to 8 colour printing, in-house repro and plate-making, Fortune Pack is first choice for very many oil refining companies throughout the region when it comes to label supply.

Whether it is self-adhesive or cut and stacks, Fortune Pack supplies premium quality, on time and at the right price! What’s more, the materials and adhesives Fortune Pack uses ensure the product stays in tip-top condition on the supermarket shelves.

Soft Drinks

Ensuring the highest quality flexo printing available at Fortune Pack, customers enjoy first class looking product with the ability to run numerous promotional campaigns and implement design changes on the label lacking of the great costs customarily associated with gravure printing technology.

Considering the presses equipped with eight print stations, reverse side printing capability and automatic register control, Fortune Pack has the technology to help produce the finest and award-winning quality for OPP wrap-around, shrink sleeves and cut and stack labels; all of which are supreme product decoration solutions for the large volume beverage industry. It is no coincidence that Fortune Pack customers tend to be the market leaders in their own fields.


With the development of the OPP Cut and Stack film, Fortune Pack has helped improve the appearance of water bottles in many regions throughout the Middle East.

Flexo quality to rival that of offset litho gives Fortune Pack customers a much greater choice in label material, without the need to change their existing labeling machines to more flexible but far more expensive types.


Food manufacturers nowadays know the significance of compliance to international hygiene standards. Labels have to be eye-catching but also vibrant with the information on them regarding the ingredients of the food item.

A food label must also be able to resist many diverse storage situations and endure varying lengths of shelf life from a few hours to a several months. Fortune Pack sales professionals will be able to advice of the best materials to use to ensure top performance and greatest value for money.

Home & Personal

Fortune Pack as a extraordinary quality label manufacturing company helps enhance your product’s appeal by giving your product labels an appearance that reflects your brand’s superior image and quality. We are capable of doing foiling with reverse side printing, printing on adhesive side, special effect varnish & coatings, metallic colors everything in in-line process. Shrink sleeves can likewise work fine with these products and have the additional benefit of giving more space for product information. Additionally, sleeves perform well on just about any shape of bottle or container. Complete label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic; centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior cosmetic and healthcare labels quality.

Lubricant Oil & Chemical

Through our label printing techniques and experience we can suggest the exact combination of face stock and adhesive so that Lubricant label can resist the harshest of conditions. We confirm that our Lubricant labels can resist wear and tear in various environmental conditions and will sustain for a very long time


The pharmaceutical industry has a distinctive set of requirements for any product labels that they use. These conditions don’t necessarily pertain to the label substrate or adhesive material properties, but moderately to the manufacturing methods and progressive quality assurance process.

Cargo & Logistics

We manufacture and deliver labels for logistic unit labeling, blank labels, box labels, logistics labels, preprinted labels, overprint labels, warning labels for package handling, packaging labels, etc.

Aviation Industry

We produce all types of Baggage Identification tags, Thermal Boarding Passes, other Aviation Tags as per the Airline requirements. All tags are Thermal Printable and with synthetic coating to ensure tags are not torn from the baggage while in transit.

The amalgamation of substrates and adhesives must be designated according to climatic conditions in which packaging and storage takes place, as well as according to the surface and transportation conditions. Undoubtedly, the required visual perseverance of data is also imperative. Both logistics and packaging labels are anticipated to be as cost-efficient as possible, which is why it is imperative to carefully consider all of the above factors in order to enhance the quality/price ratio. In this field, we closely work together with labeling machine manufacturers, in order to aid our clients find the premium solutions.